Guy Forsyth Live at Blues Peer 2014 – full concert

We’re very proud to present you the video from the full concert on Blues Peer in Belgium in july 2014.


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  1. Raymund Slutter

    I met Sjef a couple of times while working at local radio station Radio Hengelo and he always supplied me with the newest releases (Caroll Howell, Dog Boy Jones,The Keepers, US. Randy) and of course some tracks were played in the show.But I remember him best for the time we invited him to play the music he liked. Like me he was a heavy smoker (thank God I still am) and he proposed a long song, so on went The Doors with “When the music is over”, which takes about 11 minutes. We could smoke two ! I think he was a most adoroble man.I miss him.


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