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In January 1990, Guy Forsyth moved from Kansas to Austin Texas, with a guitar, a harmonica and a rented U-haul truck. Three years later, he was with his band playing in a bar called Joe’s Generic, where Sjef Willemen saw him for the very first time. This led to the beginning of Lizard Discs, and our first cd “High Temperature” by The Guy Forsyth Band. The story about this was put into words by Sjef, a.k.a. Doc Ozone:


Real Time…

The first time I had the pleasure of seeing Guy Forsyth and his band play “live”, the place was Austin and the venue a hot smokey low key type of dive… Exactly the place you like to end up in, when you really wanna go to test the fresh waters, meaning listening to exciting “real-time” MUSIC.

Trust your own guts, not to mention your balls when it comes to judging a good solid stir in the regions that count, I do and have done for more than 25 years when it comes down to Blues and Roots Music, but boy let me tell you, Guy got me nailed to the ground and pounded me firm in position for the next four hours or so, his bluesrevue funky rocking over our heads, the musical surf takin’ us by storm. It was one of the most frightening things I ever experienced… Here stood this young man in his mid twenties, backed by a great band with Keith Bradley, who’s solo’s were adding to the meaning of the word “low down” on guitar and a cooking bass and rhythmsection in the persons of Rob Douglas and Rich Chilleri…

But this Guy (…), was not only a great slideplayer and harmonicabuff, most of all, he was a true storyteller and communicator. People actually came out to LISTEN to him play WITH them and I never saw anyone so young practice this “skill” so professionally and with so much constant interaction going on between artist and audience…

I was thrilled and energized instead of numb and burned out after the show, so I guess a fan was born…Pickin’ up on the situation, meaning that we wanted to create exactly the atmosphere I had found the very first time I saw Guy play, we went for a situation that the band would feel comfortable in doing what they do best: play their asses of and rock the house in a jampacked marathon killer set. So we decided to bring them “home”.

The album recorded at the “Metropool” Hengelo, that’s in your hands right now, contains “only” a fat juicy hour from a 275 minutes long record setting concert that literally knocked the audience of it’s dancing feet at 4 AM, when the band finally had to clear the stage because we ran out of tape… Of course we selected a great set of mostly original songs. They were handsomely recorded with great feel for groove by Andre Zweers and his people and mixed by “King” Stuart Sullivan who’s magic musical feel for reconstructing soundscapes, kept surprising us, not to mention his insights in a wide variety of musical styles and musicians that he worked with. Jerry Tubb was mastering with the usual quality and it shows, thanks for a superb job Guy’s, recreating magic, takes considerable amount of time if you wanna do it right and we did.

Meanwhile summer’s here again and Guy and his band are more than ready to rock the continent allover, starting at the Peer Rhythm & Blues Festival and also appearing at Europe’s premier and most Northern Festival: Notodden 1994 in Norway. We’re proud as hell! Guy’s gonna play your area soon, come and play with him, it’s what he does for a living and boy does he love his job…

June ‘94                                                                                                                                Doc-O-Zone


After the release of “High Temperature” at the end of June, we had six weeks of perfect summer weather in the whole of Europe! Guy did a great show at the Peer festival; I still remember how the audience, lying scattered in the sun on the big field, started crowding the stage as soon as Guy began to play, and very quickly there were thousands of people standing there. Guy did a very impressive job there, and it was the first time that an opening act had to give an encore!

The cd was received very well indeed, and it ended up in the 94 best cd’s in 1994 in OOR-musicmagazine: “Without a doubt “the blues sensation” of 1994. This many sided mouth organ player, singer and slide guitar player is generally considered as the most important young blues preacher from Austin, Texas.”

Since then, Guy has been touring a few times a year in the Netherlands and in several other European countries, so we were lucky to be able to see many of his shows, always surprising us with new material, always keeping developping himself as a musician into the great, passionate and extremily versatile artist he is today (as shown in his last cd: The Freedom to Fail, an absolute wonderful cd, on Blue Corn Music), and, not the least, staying the very good friend he always has been to us.

So, we at Lizard Discs are very proud to announce the re-release of “High Temperature” in august 2013, which will be available at Guy’s next European tour in september 2013.

Later this year, we plan to record a new cd, which will presumably be released next year, together with a cd with the other recordings of the “High Temperature”-show in the Metropool in June 1993. We’ll keep you informed!

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