About us

Lizard Discs was founded in 1993 by four Dutch medical doctors: Sjef Willemen, Jeanette Silvius, Wim Kraaijvanger and Tiny Verhaegh. On the 18th of June that year, they recorded their first cd live in the Metropool in Hengelo: “High Temperature” by the Guy Forsyth Band. The cd was released in June 1994, and after that, it was a great summer in almost the whole of Europe for six weeks in a row!

From 1994 till 2000 they released 13 cd’s, but after that it became very quiet. Wim Kraaijvanger left the business in 1999. In June 2011, Sjef Willemen died, exactly 18 years after the recording of High Temperature.

In 2013, Jeanette Silvius and Tiny Verhaegh started up the music business again, beginning with the re-release of “High Temperature” in august 2013.

Now, in 2014, we’re releasing two new blues cd’s by the Guy Forsyth Band:

– Red Dress: a new cd from the old “High Temperature” recordings in 1993.

– The Pleaser: recorded at Wire Recording, Austin TX, in december 2013.


Lizard Discs is part of Lone Star Projects.




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